Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our Final Chapter

On Feb 24th our home was sold to Vermont family, at Last Lynn would be able to go home to her family and friends.  only a few days before the sale she received a job offer from Albany Medical Center, We did not get everything packed by the 24th but the new owners were so very kind, we were able to finally get packed and on our way.

Lynn would never realize the happy dreams she had waited for, on the 3 of March while crossing a street in Trenton, N.J. she was struck by a small black sports car at about 6.30 and died at 10. pm.. The New Jersey officials would not release the body for 5 days, so the funeral was not until March 10th.  I have not been able to put in words the vacuum I have had in my life, Lynn was everything to me, we had been together for 30 years--if and when life and my part in it begins to make sense I want to finish the dozens of starts I have about her. She was always giving of herself to others, a top nurse loved and admired by her pears, why did she have to be taken when she was so willing to do for others,  just when all of her dreams were about to be fulfilled---