Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Home!!

Built with much expectation of having our family here with us,as our son-in-law a builder from N.Y. stste did a lot of the basic construction of the home,while my daughter and 2 granddaughters were settling in!! This started as a happy time until they had marital difficulties,he [my son-in-law comes from a large family and so they returned to N.Y. before the house was finished ,causing us to change direction and re-hire all the unfinished portions of the home to other contractors here in Ft.Myers.By then we had pretty much decided to return to our family there also,which consists of everyone!! Our families all stayed in the same upstate N.Y. area,and I very much missed the 5 grandchildren!
This home was never meant for investment or to make a "bundle" and move on,we bought way before the market "crashed" so to speak,and as our daughter suffers fro "SYNOVIAL SARCOMA" a rare and largely fata cancer [you may remember Robert Urich the actor,he had the the same cancer and was treated by half of the team of DR's as my daughter, his md left Sloan Kettering for USC and,each having a different approach to treatment Urich followed Rosen,for chemotherapy,which is not largely used in the sceanero of care for the particulars of his case! To make a long story shorter Urich died My Rebecca has been cared for by a team at Kettering and lived long past expectations ,although with recurrences,she had 2 small girls and chose try to "patch" the marriage,which worked well for them in the end!! However ,to my part,now here alone!! I just want to go home,although Florida is beautiful,I would rather be "cold" with my loved ones,than "warm" without them!!! A much older husband being without family is difficult for me,lonely and sad!!! SO TO THE REASON FOR OUR BLOG HERE!!! TO SHOWCASE OUR HOME!! AND HOPEFULLY LEND SOME SUPPORT TO OUR REALTOR!! THE GOAL IS TO GET ME BACK TO FAMILY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! As you can see it has been a long haul here and set-back after setback with a couple of GREEDY realtors that really had little interest in us or our "PLIGHT" we are appealing to the BLOGOSPHERE!!! trying to get a network going to let more people see our place!! WE ARE VERY NEGOTIABLE ON THE ASKING PRICE!! PLEASE PASS THE SITE TO YOUR FRIENDS AQUAINTENCES AND CO-WORKERS LOOKING TO RELOCATE OR RETIRE!! IT IS REALLY A BEAUTIFUL SPOT AND AN UNUSUAL HOME!!!