Saturday, May 3, 2008

Our House a recap for Your Consideration

This is a summary of our home which we feel sets it apart from the cookie cutter tract houses offered in such abundance in Florida. To start we are located on
the Caloosahatchee river-the "inland water way" from the Gulf of
Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean. on the Gulf side of the Franklin Lock an excellent place to dock your boat fresh water.
As you can see from the photo , we have the Caloosahatchee river on the south side of the property and a canal along the west line. All of the landscaping is matured. Property has sea wall along all the water frontage.
During the construction I was present every day to be sure that everything was done according to the building codes. The house was custom built for us, with no intentions of selling it. Life changes, I am in my 80's and just can not do the outside work I once did, my wife works full time at Health Park then tries to do come home and help with upkeep in her off time. What was once our dream home is becoming a impossible job for both of us. shown below are some of the custom items you will find.

This is a 3400 sq foot home, 3 bedroom,3 bath, 3 car garage, large inground pool, Screened.with extra room for library, formal dinning room, breakfast area, Living room and greeting rotunda.
Contact us now for a personal guided tour, to get a feel for the home read the post that follow they will take you room by room through the house from its finished state back to the point of construction and the tear down of the house that was on the property. Very few prime locations left on the Caloosahatchee river to get this one we had to tear down a house that was here. You can be a part of this just read over the early postings. to contact us call 239 690 1012 or e-mail us at


The villager: said...

What an incredible home and are very lucky !

jhony etherington said...

very strategic location..i 'm wondering thats is mine... keep it green..ok