Saturday, April 19, 2008

Occupancy Permit Issued January 2001

These two birds spend a lot of time over the river in front
of the house. Just across the river there is a 40 acre
stand of vegetation, and these birds nest there. The Osprey will actually go into water to get the fish , but the Eagle will take a fish if its near the surface , but most of the time he takes the prey away from the other birds. I was quite surprised to see how large the eagle is, several times they have landed on our sea wall which is only about 8 ft from the screen house. If you remain quiet and motionless you can get a great view of them, its like being in a zoo.

Now no more bird watching today. The occupancy permit was issued, everything passed and in compliance with the hurricane codes. They are pretty strict even though we are about 30 miles from the gulf, we come under the same regulations as if we were right on the gulf. One great thing about this site, When there is a hurricane warning the shrimp boats from the area all come up the river and anchor right in the little bay by our home. Makes me feel a little more secure.

We have a little void in pictures, once the sheet rock and plaster is up and polished smooth, everyone is busy trying to get it to look like a home, no one took pictures. I did not like the rough surface that many of the interior homes have in Florida so the walls are smooth, this takes a lot longer-with the sprayed on popcorn looking plaster a lot of imperfections can be covered up.
We have used wide baseboard and heavy crown moldings, plus chair rails and molded panels throught the house. Basically the home is a open concept, you can stand in the entrance room and everything is in view sort of. In the next few post we will enter the finished home just as you might if you were right here-I will be your real estate agent giving you as complete a tour as possible, if you have any questions feel free to drop me a e-mail,hope I do not overlook anything.

To start with there are two air conditioners, one of them is a heat pump, very efficient for cool air and the most economical form of heat in winter. There is one double faced fire place that burns wood with glass door on both the bedroom side and the Living room. We have two wells one 76 foot for the automatic sprinkler system. The other well is in excess of 150 ft that is used for drinking water, this is typical Florida water system with pump to fill holding tank and another to maintain pressure. This is fitted with a water softener and in the kitchen we have a reverse osmosis system for drinking water. Being in the country we have a septic system. Our electric and phone service is underground.
Lets open the front door and enter the foyer or
as we call it the rotunda, well it is 8 sided flanked with f aux finished marble columns, [I have visions of grandeur] anyway I saw it in a house and liked it. As you stand here you can look straight ahead through the living room and beyond to the river. The sliding glass door wall is
20 foot wide, when opened the pool area is part of your living area, beyond the pool cage it's about 10 foot to the river. The doorway to the left in photo is the entrance to the master bedroom. to the right out of eye site is the kitchen. You might glance down at the floor.

The insert shows
the detail that has
been done. Through out the house 18 inch marbleized tile has been
installed, with all grout lines continuous from one room to another
to set the rotunda off a insert was used and the tile set diagonally you can see this in both pictures. Then in the center a special inlay was inserted.

Now still standing at the entrance if you glance to the right, there is the formal dinning area
which has a short wall between the entrance
foyer and dinning room. The door way you can see to the left of the cabinet goes to the guest bedroom. You can just see the kneel post of the oak stairway, which goes to the second floor.

The doors look pretty tall and they are. 6 panel solid core 8 ft tall, each of the doors are hung with 4 hinges to distribute the weight and keep the door from warping. If you notice behind the cabinet there is a chair rail with molded panels beneath this, with wide base board. All the windows are aluminum with marble window sills
We will now have to step forward a little that we might
turn and look back. To our right now we can see a door
way, to the library. These are double doors and are fully
opened. When closed the library is a quiet place to relax
and immerse yourself in a good book. a little more to the
Left we have the front entrance, with its double doors
and stained glass transom , with native Florida flowers.
This gives you a real good look at all
the angels of this area that we call a ratunda, really a greating room and
excellent place to display the unusual art objects that we all seem to collect over the years. This is a home with ample room to relax and entertain.

Before we leave this area would like to have you look up toward the ceiling, in addition to the columns, the caps are supporting
arches that flow from one to another around the eight sided area giving a great architectural form. Capped
by a double tray ceiling, which has in addition to the chandelier, hidden lighting around the first tray.

All of these architectural findings blend together to give this area a feel of elegance. The ceilings are high making the area feel much more spacious than it really is. The lower ceiling is 10 foot with the top of the arches about 12 foot, the very top of the second tray about 14 ft

Just a quick look to see the wilderness area across the river home of the Eagle and Osprey

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