Thursday, April 24, 2008

Master Bed Room Overlooking Caloosahatchee

Some of the most beautiful Sunsets in the world
are right here in Florida, overlooking the Caloosahatchee
river. From our balcony the sky seems to explode
with rich orange and reds,as you watch the clouds form
various shapes that test our imaginations. -is that a fish in the center-

Here we are again in the kitchen living room area,everyplace you go brings you back to this area, that is what we like about the open floor plan.

This gives us a
chance to look
toward the front
which is the north side of the house. As we go
on past the living room area
we get a quick view of the caloosahatchee river again, The glass doors really make it feel like you are right out of doors. As we reach the bed room there are a pair of 6 raisen panel colonial doors to open, revealing a beautiful master bedroom.
directly in front
are the sliding
glass doors which
open onto the
pool area and the
view of the river.

On the left side or east side of the
home there are a pair of windows on each side of the bed, coming along that wall you can see opening of a pocket door which leads to the Master Bath
and on the right we have a beautiful English molded wood burning fireplace, with glass doors
The over mantel goes right to the ceiling with a 18 inch molded plaster cove molding which flows into the cove sorounding the room. The ceiling has some special features in that it is made with a 9 inch oval tray that has been decorated. from the center of the tray there is a chandelier fixture. Around the outside of the oval we have molded plasters leafs that been applied to emphisize the oval. Around the room there is a colonial type chair rail, and the windows and doors have been finished off with wide colonial moldings to give the room that special look and feel. Here again the ceramic floor flows through the room matching the rest of the home.
The master bath is special as you can see.

Notice the large columns on the right with the mirror not only is this a backdrop for the whirlpool
tub in the foreground, but this is the back of the shower which we can walk into from either side of the tub-will come back to this- on our left there is a rather large vanity with solid counter top insert with two sinks, above which there is a full mirror with overhead lighting. The soffit above this area is a great place to display your favorite items, of course the room is finished with crown moldings
The first photo we have is
the oval tile and glass block wall that forms the
outside wall of the shower
it's rather small and could
not get photos of the actual fixtures. There are two adjustable shower heads on the wall plus a hand held spry head that you can use, with a small built in ceramic seat. The back of the columns allow for a shelf area for storage of bath necessities. The door way directly in front of you has a pocket door and opens into a large walk in closet with three rows of metal shelf, and below this plenty of room for coats and dresses. There is also a access for the attic. The door to the right opens into the toilet area, like the rest of the bathroom the walls are8 by 10 ceramic tile with decorator strip along the top. the upper walls are wall paper. In the toilet room we have hand painted window to give the room a feeling of openness, there also is a chandelier. We have two more area to visit the library and the 2nd floor

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