Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lets Move Ahead to Kitchen

Two things you will see a lot of the Capt "P"
and the snowy Egret. The Captain usually makes one trip a day in season, but the Egret is here just about every day. We have about a dozen or so and they go over the lawn picking out the bugs, every little bit helps, I never scare them off-but my cat is scared to death and I think the birds know it they will come pretty close to the pool cage, even when the cat is there.

Last post we were in the Rotunda, so lets get back there, we will pass through the living
room you can see out across the pool to the caloosahatchee river, if the screen enclosure were
not there you could easily throw a coin from here into the river, its that close. In the photo the sliding glass door are closed, when they are open its like living outdoors. This room has a vaulted ceiling,and it is high, probably 16 ft or more. There are two sky lights that makes it very light and a couple of ceiling fans for use when you do not want to use the Air Conditioning. The fireplace is wood burning with glass doors, and the hearth and fireplace marble. On each side of the fireplace we have a shelf, you will notice that in other photos.

Ahead of us and to the right is the kitchen, the cabinets are Hickory, they look to me like Oak but believe me they are real Hickory.
Of course when we finished the kitchen white
was in, now it has to be stainless, this is not
that big a item it can be worked out. Around the ceiling in the kitchen and breakfast nook we have crown molding, the ceiling lites are sunken units plus a chandelier in breakfast area. There is also indirect lighting under the cabinets , the counter top is ceramic tile with molded edge, and ceramic back splash, The ceramic framed flowers picture is built into the back splash. The island has storage under it , with raised area along front to form a bar. these tops are granite. The floors in this area are a continuation of the 18 inch tile throughout the house. The stove is a electric convection GE, as are all the appliances. Under the Sink there is a reverse osmosis water
system. The refrigeration double door, with water attached
door does not have to be opened for ice or water.
To the left we have the breakfast nook, this has a pair of French doors opening onto a screened walk way to the pool. It also has a window just around the corner there on the left that opens right onto the pool area so that food and items you need to barbecue can be passed out right from the kitchen area.

The photos to the right are more of
the breakfast nook. Notice the hand applied flowers over the windows, you may have noticed this same item over the kitchen window. Its little details like this that makes this house special. The leaded chandelier in the one photo is a family heirloom and does not go with the home.
This is a great place for that morning
wake up, there is always something going on on the river, wildlife, boats, just a never ending source of entertainment. Think we will take a break now and leave you with a few outside shots of the caloosahatchee river, our number one attraction, followed close by the wildlife and ever changing sun sets

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