Monday, April 21, 2008

Lets Check Out the Dinning Area & Guest Bedroom

Guess I am sort of stuck on the Eagle. Strange but they do not seem to be present every day-they may be here for a week or so and then you do not see them for a while. Guess it's the same with the Heron, now that is one big bird, they do not seem to associate with the egret, you see both in the yard but a lot of distance between them. No one is very friendly with the Eagle, all the other birds let him be by his self, when he lands, the others disappear, probably they do not want to be lunch.

Guess we left off in the kitchen so lets get back there and we will go back up to the front of the home. On the far left of photo there is a hall way, we will go there
later, right now notice the Oak stairway on our left, these stairs
have a landing and descend in two directions you can see the steps coming into this ares but there is also a entrance from the dinning
room. From here you can get a good view of the archways and ceiling in the rotunda. Lets go right up to the dinning room.

Photo on the left, looking from the center of the rotunda through the dinning area with a good view out the front window. The photo on the right shows just the end of the stairway and the opening to the hall way.

To your left is the stairway to second floor, you can see here how the two sets of stairs come together on a landing then turn and go up. Then if you look up you will see how the crown moldings come together and the details of the tray ceiling.There is a center chandelier and around the outside of the tray recessed bucket fixtures, you can really lite the room up or use the chandelier for mood lighting.
In this photo please note the opening into a hall way, this is the hall I referred to earlier. This separates the passage from the kitchen to dinning room that guest will not be disturbed while setting a table,and no need to go through the living area. This also has the Guest bed room entrance just as you enter the hall to the right.
Afraid this area is hard to take good
photos, this one shows how much light is coming in from the full length window on left and the very decorative Leaded stained glass window directly over the bed. The Crown molding does not show up , nor does the six inch base board. All the windows and doors have 3 inch wide colonial style casings, most Florida homes do not have this, very time consuming but lends a charm to the home. Along the left wall which you can not see in the photo there is a full closet with 4 twenty four inch bi sliding doors for easy access.
In the center of the room there is a ceiling fan.
Next to the guest room we have the guest bath. Again very hard to get far enough back to take good photos but I think you can see the vanity, this has tile surface, Ceramic sink with polished brass faucets. There is a framed mirror and widow. The walls are 8 x 10 Ceramic tile, about 4 ft high with special made decorative trim all of this is in a light beige color. on the top we have wall paper which can very easily be changed. Above the vanity there is a soffit with recessed lights and above this a shelf for decorative objects. Along the right wall there is a door opening into a linen closet, In the reflection of the mirror you can see the frame work of the shower - its glass enclosed with polished brass frame and fixtures, ceramic walls and floor. This toilet fixture like all the others in the home are water savers. The floor in this bath are dark red Mexican tile that match the counter tops.
further down the hall way there is the laundry room were you will find the service entrance for the electric on this side of home, plus the hot water unit. Along the right wall are the washer and dryer, plus a area for soild cloths and a work area. Above this we have white cabinets, with raised panel doors and a wire shelf. On the left side there is a storage cupboard with shelfs and bi fold doors. At the end there is a laundry sink, with a French door opening onto a covered patio were our refus bins are stored. There is one large lighting fixture on the ceiling, plus the glass door making it a very light and cheerful place to work. This area is shut off by a pocket door from the rest of the home.
We are now back in the kitchen area. and just in time to look out the opened sliders to see the
boats. Some times there are several waiting, the
locks that are just upstream only open at certain times, so they have to wait in front of the house until they get a signal. You can not see it in this photo but just about half way between the two boats there is a buoy in the Caloosahatchee that marks the no wake zone so everyone has to slow down. This no wake make it great for us - there are no waves from the boats and we get a few minutes to view them before they are on there way to Miami or the East coast.

Junction of Caloosahatchee river and our canal and river view of our home

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