Friday, April 4, 2008

Its beginning To Take Shape With Trusses up

Well today the anticipation is building, the trusses that have been order for couple months will be arriving shortly. We cleared out a spot on the lawn between our motor home and the hedge row of palms. The site looked beautiful all the junk was gone everything was ready and all of a sudden this truck arrived with the biggest pile of trusses I had ever seen -only took him a few minutes and he was unloaded right on the lawn, pile was taller than me. I soon realized that the truss we needed first was on the bottom. The rest of the morning was spent dragging each truss to a new location-and piled according to its number. Things were going pretty good when about noon another truck arrived with some pretty heavy looking trusses- I though we had enough all ready. everyone pitched in and we moved the big truss half way around the house to make room for the new load. That was it for the day the second load was separated and everyone was ready to quit.
The crane will not be here until tomorrow so today we are doing some small trusses, They go along pretty good, after setting the first one and bracing it, the other just stack up. It kept 4 men trotting along to get this area up and anchored. then when the crane comes we can place the long truss and have something to tie it in place. This sure is the largest erector set I ever played with, its hard to believe we are going to use all the material that is all over the yard. Its about 80 degrees and the sun isnt up yet so this will a hot one, in few hours we will set the big trusses.
The crane is mounted on a truck they anchor it down and pick the trusses up like they were nothing. in couple hours we are done. Just in time for the board of Health. Wouldn't you know it something has to go wrong-they decide the septic tank I have is 50 gal short of what I need. This doesn't sound bad, the result is about $8,000 for new tank and drainage pit. But this is only the beginning of out of control cost. I thought I might be able to use some
of the sheathing from the old house--no way-- what I have is 11/16 and code calls for three quarters. So we give away the really good plywood and buy the new. Boy they do not make it like they used to, should not complain we are not going to get it for several days there is a shortage would expect this will also increase the cost.
It's amazing the way the building cost are
increasing just as I decide its a great time to do this. We are working all over the building, I have managed to stay on the ground most of the time, there is always someone yelling a measurement and I am going thru the pile of 2 x 4' fast-these guys are up there 12 to 14 feet I tied to toss the pieces up but figure its safe to go up the ladder and hand deliver them. Things have
been going petty good but anyone knows this can not last. This
small corner of bed room was left from old building because the power mast was fastened to it and we were able to enjoy the use of electric. It all came to a stop when one of the trusses swung against it and off it come bringing down the line from the pole.A frantic call to Power company brought a lineman who graciously cut the power off at the pole. Work came to abrupt stop and it did not take long to realize how important air conditioning is in 100 degree weather. It took couple of days to get a temporary hook up-knew it would be week or more to bury a cable and do it right but we had to have something right away.
Finally a few pieces of ply wood, most importantly there will be a little shade, its tough on those guys on the roof, they can only work in the mornings. If you lay a tool down for a few minutes it's going to be to hot to handle, you soon learn to carry it or place it in the shade. With most of the plywood on its beginning to look like a dungeon, very dark but a place to get out of the sun, and rain that we get every afternoon. At least the yard looks better no trusses lying around.

Finally got the trench dug from house to
power pole-wire laid and new entrance box
in house its been inspected and will be
hooked up tomorrow. At this rate we will be ready to start inside, The windows are in and should be on site soon. It will seem good to get it buttoned up. The electrical work is moving ahead with miles of wire all over the place.

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