Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Insulation and Drywall Nearing the End

The fishing is great from
your dock, or from a boat of any kind. Schools of fish come right up to the sea wall. The snook and tarpon are a bit harder to catch but some record ones have been taken right in front of the house.
We have seen many Bull Shark and Manatee.
The pair of bald eagles that live across the river do a lot of fishing, they soar above water and suddenly swoop down hardly touching the surface but almost always come up with a catch grasped in there talons, Fish Hawks and Osprey also use this part of the river for there feeding area. The eagles have landed on sea wall many times and they are a majestic bird in the wild.

But today is not ours to fish or watch the birds, Sheet rock! no one told me everything I was going to need was on the endangered list. It was so bad the lumber yards would only let you have 5 sheets at a time. When they got in a shipment they had deputy sheriffs there. people were really upset. I had to get my 5 sheets bring them home and go right back out to another supplier and get 5 more. Of course the price sky rocketed. The only good thing, I began early so while I was rounding up the dry wall the rough plumbing, was going in and the Air condition
units, We put in two units one with a heat pump so we could have a little heat in the winter without buying the power company. Three weeks into this I hard enough dry wall to start-every wall was a challenge, the metal hurricane straps came up 18 inches from floor and 18 inches down from ceiling so each stud had to be shimmed out. If you put a 1nch wide strip of metal on a 1 1/2 2x4 you do not have much room for a screw so pieces of wood had to be placed on the stud to give room for fastener. The insulation came by the truck load, big 4 x8 sheets of board and rolls of bats, They have improved on it but when you cut those rolls you still end up itching.
When everything was stuffed to capacity you could put up the dry wall at last, boy does that make a difference. We had rented a scissor lift, began to feel like it was member of the family it has been around so long I quit worrying about how much it was costing, we used it there
was someone on it all day long doing something.
It was great you could stand on it and make it go
up or down and drive it anywhere there wasn't
something piled. n all the months we used it
only had one accident backing into a wall. Once
all the board was up we got a first coat of joint
compound on the seams, Down here they do not
take the time for it to cure, up north I used to put all the dry wall on and not paint it for months, guess it does not matter the walls have never cracked but I was sure they would.

We would get one room done with board up and one or two coats of compound then empty Another room and start on that. I wasn't taking any chances when doors or molding was available I bought it, had enough of this shortage problem , but all of this had to be moved as we progressed. It took us a lot longer due to the detail that was going in. The dinning room ceiling
has a tray in it and the master bed room has

a tray ceiling which is oval shaped and has molded plaster decorations, these had to be backed up before the dry wall was installed. I have been taking a more active part which left my wife as the gopher. In av few weeks she was on a first name relation with the major wholesalers on Metro industrial park. It was difficult to ask for something she was not able to locate. Beside are working on the inside we had the work on the outside moving forward. Another mountain of sand and huge pile of mortar cement. They were placing plastic forms around the windows and a metal wire mess over the building. The photo on the right will
give you an idea of the many angels and shaped involved with
the ceiling of the entrance rotunda, Concealed in the form are lights for indirect lighting.
At about this time we were told we could actually move in if we wanted to, the motor home was getting real small by now 6 months and all the fun was gone. The front bed room was finished, painted,electric and the bath room next to it was also complete now with shower. We still did heavy cooking in motor home but life was getting a little better. We really have to get going my son in law has to return to New York, house is not finished but with my background will be able to get it done.
We had planned on building a stairway but the only shop tools we had was a 10 inch table saw and I am afraid that will not due, I
have built a few set of stairs and know we have to have a joiner and planner otherwise it will be a mess so we ordered a pre built
oak stairway, to save space it comes straight down to a landing then has steps into the dinning area or family room.

The stair way is here and we will put it in today.
This was all assembled at the factory in Ohio.then
numbered and taken apart and shipped in their
truck,to us. In order to preserve the wood we had to finish it right away, you can only imagine
the amount of plaster dust there is in the air,
we even shut down the air conditioning to try
and reduce the movement of air until the finish was dry. despite working from early morning until evening and with all the outside help it just seems to be at a stand still. First few days putting up dry wall was great but now its finishing time and you work all day without any showing. Holidays are coming and the kitchen is still in boxes.
The fireplace opening is ready so guess the tree will go in front of what will be the fire place
someday. No floors, no paint but the roof is on, the dry wall up and its beginning to look like it
might be a home someday. This will be the first Xmas. In a few days the outside will be finished, they have started to put the rough coat on, it sure make a big difference.

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