Sunday, April 27, 2008

Caloosahatchee River From our Balcony

Sunset from the second floor Balcony overlooking the Caloosahatchee river and the canal with the old boat mast-what a beautiful way to end another fantastic day in Florida.

Very seldom that we are not blessed with beautiful sun sets and sun rising, the house is laid out on the lot so the back of the home faces due south, The balcony is high enough to be above the surrounding trees therefore we have a panoramic view of natures gift of color. From our window over the front door we can see the vapor trail of the Shuttle when it is being launched from Cape Canaveral

Lets continue with our tour of the house, we will go up stairs, this is what you will see as you
enter the 2nd floor, The floors are Oak,the walls are faux finish
in a very pleasant blue, three full length windows along the right or west wall. In front there are sliding glass doors that open onto the balcony.
There are two ceiling fans, and the
room is wired for phone, and T.V.
From here you can get a great view
of the Caloosahatchee River and the
untouched Florida foliage across the
water, one of the few locations left that you can have a view like this. A great place to set and watch the wild life and enjoy the boats that are traveling from the Gulf to Miami, Fla. you are right on the inland Water Way. You can see the canal from this point and the sea wall which was put in by the corp of Army engineers many years ago. This is a great location, the river in front of you is a no Wake Zone ,this means you get no wave action to errode the wall.
You also have a few more minutes to look over the hundreds of
different style boats-every conceivable pleasure craft, and a great
many commercial ships and barges. The ships mast that is on the point was placed there by a previous owner and came from a ship that plied the waters of the great lakes. It has become a land mark now. He used to fly three flags from the top and there are lamps on the yard arms.

Before we go back down stairs notice the closet on the rear wall and the hall way by the stairs, that door open into the 2nd floor
bathroom. On the facing wall there is a vanity, with framed mirror, the walls have wood paneling on lower surface with wall paper above. to the right a double hung window , and you can just see the edge of the shower. The floors are ceramic and the shower stall is 8 by 10 blue ceramic tile full length with a bench. There is a ceiling fan in the center and light fixtures over the sink.

As we start down the stairs you can
get a great view of the living room
from the landing, as well as the dinning room. With the sky lights
and the open concept, interior is open, light and airy. You never feel confined, with the sliding glass walls,
it's like living in the open.

Our last stop will be the Library, which could be used as a fourth bed room, it has a large closet

as you enter to the left are two sets of double doors 8 ft high 6 panel doors finished with faux wood graining. behind these there is shelfing which can be removed to convert to cloths closet.
The floors here are Oak. The walls are wood paneled on the lower part with wall paper on top. Heavy crown moldings and natural finished built in adjustable wood book shelfs. Electric
fireplace on the right wall with book cases and over mantel, with marbleized ceramic tile surround and hearth. The East wall there is a display cabinet and beyond this a work shop 12 by 22 that could very easily made into another bedroom. this shop area has hot and cold water to a sink that is attached to main sewer line so the installation of a bath and conversion of this area would not be difficult.

There is a door on the north wall leading into the 3 car garage area. Masonry walls, stucco finished with sheet rock ceiling, very well insulated. There is a small floored area in the attic for storage. The front has two doors one is 9 foot the other 12 foot wide both of these are hurricane overhead track doors.
In addition to the large doors there is a entrance door with glass window. On the north wall we have a colonial window matching the windows on the front of the home. On the south wall there are three doors, the one we came from the library, another leading into the 12 x 22 work shop and a third going out the back. There are numerous 4 foot florescent light fixtures on the ten foot 6 inch ceiling.

The shop has full length window along east side with work bench. the south side has a 4 foot metal door, and wash sink with hot and cold water. Along the west wall we have work bench and built in cupboards which turn and follow along the north wall. Ample shelving and storage area for things that always seem to collect. There is a separate electrical service panel in this area, this assures that we have full power for the pumps and motors. there is also outlets for 220
to accommodate a welder or other heavy duty unit.

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