Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our Final Chapter

On Feb 24th our home was sold to Vermont family, at Last Lynn would be able to go home to her family and friends.  only a few days before the sale she received a job offer from Albany Medical Center, We did not get everything packed by the 24th but the new owners were so very kind, we were able to finally get packed and on our way.

Lynn would never realize the happy dreams she had waited for, on the 3 of March while crossing a street in Trenton, N.J. she was struck by a small black sports car at about 6.30 and died at 10. pm.. The New Jersey officials would not release the body for 5 days, so the funeral was not until March 10th.  I have not been able to put in words the vacuum I have had in my life, Lynn was everything to me, we had been together for 30 years--if and when life and my part in it begins to make sense I want to finish the dozens of starts I have about her. She was always giving of herself to others, a top nurse loved and admired by her pears, why did she have to be taken when she was so willing to do for others,  just when all of her dreams were about to be fulfilled---  

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a new face lift-nothing major just some updates

Time goes by very fast, to keep our home up to date and fresh and ready for a new owner some of the tired woodwork has been resurfaced-we hope you will notice something that will make our home the place you would like to live in.  The photos were taken just a few hours after the craftsman left hope you enjoy these shots-The first one is from the Oak stairway looking down into the dinning of the stained glass windows is visible on the upper right corner, this is over the front entrance- a collection of Florida flowers.
 The next photo is the solid hickory kitchen, back splash is tile and matches the tile counter top, the island in the fore ground has a dark polished granite surface

next we have a shot looking from the living room toward the front door, the oak stairway shows on the left and to the right of the double front doors you can see the entrance to the library, with it's 8 foot solid 6 panel double doors, all the rooms have high ceilings, with the dinning room having a tray ceiling and the entrance rotunda has a double hexagon tray ceiling with Crystal chandelier plus mood lighting in second step.

This photo is from the entrance room looking toward the breakfast room with the kitchen on the far right and the sliding doors open on the left side making the pool area part of your living room, as you can see the house sets right on the river, with excellent view of the ships and pleasure crafts using the inter-coastal water way
 another shot of the kitchen and breakfast area, the doors on the left center go out side to a screened area leading to the pool,

 From the entrance rotunda looking into the dinning room, along the left side of photo you will see the oak stairway, The floors are 18 inch ceramic tile with outlined pattern in the rotunda area, there is wide 8 inch wood mop boards and wide crown molding in all rooms, the dinning room, rotunda, master bed room all have chair rail.
 The living room becomes part of the pool area when the sliding glass doors are opened, here you can see how close the home is to the Caloosahachie river and  inter-coastal water way

Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Flowers!!

I love flowers and try to have color wherever I can,I recently got a comment from a man in England with a landscaping company suggesting I shape my hedges to resemble something or other and to round out something else,and to balance yet something else also! i just like a RIOT of color and flowers! Yes his ideas are great for some,i work full time,keep house and try to keep up my yard as best I can,I am trying to sell this beautiful place so i can go "home" to my mom and "little sister" she's 40 but my little sister,she has "downs syndrome" and my mom needss help now.with no programs available here NY is best for her,I also cannot keep this up alone anymore! Someone out there may see this GREAT spot and love it too,and enable me to go to my family!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Home!!

Built with much expectation of having our family here with us,as our son-in-law a builder from N.Y. stste did a lot of the basic construction of the home,while my daughter and 2 granddaughters were settling in!! This started as a happy time until they had marital difficulties,he [my son-in-law comes from a large family and so they returned to N.Y. before the house was finished ,causing us to change direction and re-hire all the unfinished portions of the home to other contractors here in Ft.Myers.By then we had pretty much decided to return to our family there also,which consists of everyone!! Our families all stayed in the same upstate N.Y. area,and I very much missed the 5 grandchildren!
This home was never meant for investment or to make a "bundle" and move on,we bought way before the market "crashed" so to speak,and as our daughter suffers fro "SYNOVIAL SARCOMA" a rare and largely fata cancer [you may remember Robert Urich the actor,he had the the same cancer and was treated by half of the team of DR's as my daughter, his md left Sloan Kettering for USC and,each having a different approach to treatment Urich followed Rosen,for chemotherapy,which is not largely used in the sceanero of care for the particulars of his case! To make a long story shorter Urich died My Rebecca has been cared for by a team at Kettering and lived long past expectations ,although with recurrences,she had 2 small girls and chose try to "patch" the marriage,which worked well for them in the end!! However ,to my part,now here alone!! I just want to go home,although Florida is beautiful,I would rather be "cold" with my loved ones,than "warm" without them!!! A much older husband being without family is difficult for me,lonely and sad!!! SO TO THE REASON FOR OUR BLOG HERE!!! TO SHOWCASE OUR HOME!! AND HOPEFULLY LEND SOME SUPPORT TO OUR REALTOR!! THE GOAL IS TO GET ME BACK TO FAMILY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! As you can see it has been a long haul here and set-back after setback with a couple of GREEDY realtors that really had little interest in us or our "PLIGHT" we are appealing to the BLOGOSPHERE!!! trying to get a network going to let more people see our place!! WE ARE VERY NEGOTIABLE ON THE ASKING PRICE!! PLEASE PASS THE SITE TO YOUR FRIENDS AQUAINTENCES AND CO-WORKERS LOOKING TO RELOCATE OR RETIRE!! IT IS REALLY A BEAUTIFUL SPOT AND AN UNUSUAL HOME!!!


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Our House a recap for Your Consideration

This is a summary of our home which we feel sets it apart from the cookie cutter tract houses offered in such abundance in Florida. To start we are located on
the Caloosahatchee river-the "inland water way" from the Gulf of
Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean. on the Gulf side of the Franklin Lock an excellent place to dock your boat fresh water.
As you can see from the photo , we have the Caloosahatchee river on the south side of the property and a canal along the west line. All of the landscaping is matured. Property has sea wall along all the water frontage.
During the construction I was present every day to be sure that everything was done according to the building codes. The house was custom built for us, with no intentions of selling it. Life changes, I am in my 80's and just can not do the outside work I once did, my wife works full time at Health Park then tries to do come home and help with upkeep in her off time. What was once our dream home is becoming a impossible job for both of us. shown below are some of the custom items you will find.

This is a 3400 sq foot home, 3 bedroom,3 bath, 3 car garage, large inground pool, Screened.with extra room for library, formal dinning room, breakfast area, Living room and greeting rotunda.
Contact us now for a personal guided tour, to get a feel for the home read the post that follow they will take you room by room through the house from its finished state back to the point of construction and the tear down of the house that was on the property. Very few prime locations left on the Caloosahatchee river to get this one we had to tear down a house that was here. You can be a part of this just read over the early postings. to contact us call 239 690 1012 or e-mail us at

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Caloosahatchee River From our Balcony

Sunset from the second floor Balcony overlooking the Caloosahatchee river and the canal with the old boat mast-what a beautiful way to end another fantastic day in Florida.

Very seldom that we are not blessed with beautiful sun sets and sun rising, the house is laid out on the lot so the back of the home faces due south, The balcony is high enough to be above the surrounding trees therefore we have a panoramic view of natures gift of color. From our window over the front door we can see the vapor trail of the Shuttle when it is being launched from Cape Canaveral

Lets continue with our tour of the house, we will go up stairs, this is what you will see as you
enter the 2nd floor, The floors are Oak,the walls are faux finish
in a very pleasant blue, three full length windows along the right or west wall. In front there are sliding glass doors that open onto the balcony.
There are two ceiling fans, and the
room is wired for phone, and T.V.
From here you can get a great view
of the Caloosahatchee River and the
untouched Florida foliage across the
water, one of the few locations left that you can have a view like this. A great place to set and watch the wild life and enjoy the boats that are traveling from the Gulf to Miami, Fla. you are right on the inland Water Way. You can see the canal from this point and the sea wall which was put in by the corp of Army engineers many years ago. This is a great location, the river in front of you is a no Wake Zone ,this means you get no wave action to errode the wall.
You also have a few more minutes to look over the hundreds of
different style boats-every conceivable pleasure craft, and a great
many commercial ships and barges. The ships mast that is on the point was placed there by a previous owner and came from a ship that plied the waters of the great lakes. It has become a land mark now. He used to fly three flags from the top and there are lamps on the yard arms.

Before we go back down stairs notice the closet on the rear wall and the hall way by the stairs, that door open into the 2nd floor
bathroom. On the facing wall there is a vanity, with framed mirror, the walls have wood paneling on lower surface with wall paper above. to the right a double hung window , and you can just see the edge of the shower. The floors are ceramic and the shower stall is 8 by 10 blue ceramic tile full length with a bench. There is a ceiling fan in the center and light fixtures over the sink.

As we start down the stairs you can
get a great view of the living room
from the landing, as well as the dinning room. With the sky lights
and the open concept, interior is open, light and airy. You never feel confined, with the sliding glass walls,
it's like living in the open.

Our last stop will be the Library, which could be used as a fourth bed room, it has a large closet

as you enter to the left are two sets of double doors 8 ft high 6 panel doors finished with faux wood graining. behind these there is shelfing which can be removed to convert to cloths closet.
The floors here are Oak. The walls are wood paneled on the lower part with wall paper on top. Heavy crown moldings and natural finished built in adjustable wood book shelfs. Electric
fireplace on the right wall with book cases and over mantel, with marbleized ceramic tile surround and hearth. The East wall there is a display cabinet and beyond this a work shop 12 by 22 that could very easily made into another bedroom. this shop area has hot and cold water to a sink that is attached to main sewer line so the installation of a bath and conversion of this area would not be difficult.

There is a door on the north wall leading into the 3 car garage area. Masonry walls, stucco finished with sheet rock ceiling, very well insulated. There is a small floored area in the attic for storage. The front has two doors one is 9 foot the other 12 foot wide both of these are hurricane overhead track doors.
In addition to the large doors there is a entrance door with glass window. On the north wall we have a colonial window matching the windows on the front of the home. On the south wall there are three doors, the one we came from the library, another leading into the 12 x 22 work shop and a third going out the back. There are numerous 4 foot florescent light fixtures on the ten foot 6 inch ceiling.

The shop has full length window along east side with work bench. the south side has a 4 foot metal door, and wash sink with hot and cold water. Along the west wall we have work bench and built in cupboards which turn and follow along the north wall. Ample shelving and storage area for things that always seem to collect. There is a separate electrical service panel in this area, this assures that we have full power for the pumps and motors. there is also outlets for 220
to accommodate a welder or other heavy duty unit.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Master Bed Room Overlooking Caloosahatchee

Some of the most beautiful Sunsets in the world
are right here in Florida, overlooking the Caloosahatchee
river. From our balcony the sky seems to explode
with rich orange and reds,as you watch the clouds form
various shapes that test our imaginations. -is that a fish in the center-

Here we are again in the kitchen living room area,everyplace you go brings you back to this area, that is what we like about the open floor plan.

This gives us a
chance to look
toward the front
which is the north side of the house. As we go
on past the living room area
we get a quick view of the caloosahatchee river again, The glass doors really make it feel like you are right out of doors. As we reach the bed room there are a pair of 6 raisen panel colonial doors to open, revealing a beautiful master bedroom.
directly in front
are the sliding
glass doors which
open onto the
pool area and the
view of the river.

On the left side or east side of the
home there are a pair of windows on each side of the bed, coming along that wall you can see opening of a pocket door which leads to the Master Bath
and on the right we have a beautiful English molded wood burning fireplace, with glass doors
The over mantel goes right to the ceiling with a 18 inch molded plaster cove molding which flows into the cove sorounding the room. The ceiling has some special features in that it is made with a 9 inch oval tray that has been decorated. from the center of the tray there is a chandelier fixture. Around the outside of the oval we have molded plasters leafs that been applied to emphisize the oval. Around the room there is a colonial type chair rail, and the windows and doors have been finished off with wide colonial moldings to give the room that special look and feel. Here again the ceramic floor flows through the room matching the rest of the home.
The master bath is special as you can see.

Notice the large columns on the right with the mirror not only is this a backdrop for the whirlpool
tub in the foreground, but this is the back of the shower which we can walk into from either side of the tub-will come back to this- on our left there is a rather large vanity with solid counter top insert with two sinks, above which there is a full mirror with overhead lighting. The soffit above this area is a great place to display your favorite items, of course the room is finished with crown moldings
The first photo we have is
the oval tile and glass block wall that forms the
outside wall of the shower
it's rather small and could
not get photos of the actual fixtures. There are two adjustable shower heads on the wall plus a hand held spry head that you can use, with a small built in ceramic seat. The back of the columns allow for a shelf area for storage of bath necessities. The door way directly in front of you has a pocket door and opens into a large walk in closet with three rows of metal shelf, and below this plenty of room for coats and dresses. There is also a access for the attic. The door to the right opens into the toilet area, like the rest of the bathroom the walls are8 by 10 ceramic tile with decorator strip along the top. the upper walls are wall paper. In the toilet room we have hand painted window to give the room a feeling of openness, there also is a chandelier. We have two more area to visit the library and the 2nd floor